Asuransi Jiwa Kredit

Asuransi Jiwa Kredit is a group term life insurance product issued by PT PFI Mega Life which provides financial protection to each of the debtor/Participant who received loan facility from Policyholder against the risk of death during the Insurance Period.

Product Benefit

If the Participant dies during the Insurance Period, the Insurance Benefit that can be paid under this Policy is, whichever is lower

a. Sum Assured, which is calculated by the Insurer based on the decreasing value of the Initial Sum Assured in accordance with the principle of calculating amortization based on the interest rate, the amount of which is determined by the Insurer but does not include arrears and interest/fines/ penalties arising from arrears, or

b. The outstanding loan, which is recorded by the Policyholder, decreases every month multiplied by the selected multiplier of Initial Sum Assured.

Product Benefit

Terms & Conditions

Participant Entry Age

20 - 64 years (age of nearest birthday)

Marketed through

Bancassurance and Business Entities Other Than Banks (BUSB)

Premium Payment Method

Single Premium 

Coverage Period

1 (one) to 30 (thirty) years old, where the entry age plus the Insurance Period is not more than 65 years old


Indonesian Rupiah


Product Summary - Asuransi Jiwa Kredit
Product Brochure - Asuransi Jiwa Kredit

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