Mega Protection Care

A credit shield insurance that provide a peace of mind to every credit card holder by providing a protection to the settlement of credit card balance at the time of death, suffers total and permanent disability or any temporary disability, either due to illness or accident


  • If the Insured dies due to illness or accident, Policyholder will receive 100% of the Sum Insured.
  • If the Insured suffers total permanent Disability due to illness or accident, Policyholder will receive 100% of the Sum Assured.
  • If the Insured suffers temporary disability due to illness or accident, Policyholder will receive 10% of the Sum Insured or at minimum Rp50,000.


Insured’ credit card outstanding balance, taking into account of all outstanding installments (if any), at the risk event, and that the maximum payable Sum Assured amount is according to the type of credit card.
The insurance benefit, i.e. Sum Assured, will be paid to the Policyholder to settle any incurred outstanding balance along with its outstanding installments (if any), and the rest of the amount (if any), after the said debt settlement, will be paid to the Beneficiary.

Product Benefit

Terms & Conditions

Insured Entry Age

18 – 64 years old (nearest birthday), applicable only to Bank MEGA’ customer who bought this product through Bank Mega Bancassurance channel.

Insurance Period

Monthly renewable and can be extended until Insured age 65 years old

Distribution Channel

Telemarketing Distribution Channel


Rupiah (IDR)

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