Good Corporate

Governance is an important factor in the insurance industry in maintaining the trust and confidence of shareholders, policy holders, participants, employees, creditor, providers, and/or government (“Stakeholders”).

Establishing and maintaining an organizational culture that promotes ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with laws/regulations and company policies are essential elements to an effective governance program.  PT PFI Mega Life (“Company”) aware of the importance of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in support of business growth and provide added value to all stakeholders. To implement comprehensive and sustainable corporate governance, the Company aims to run the entire value of GCG practice based on the applicable rules and regulations.

Strong commitment of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and all employees is the Company’s basic value to create an organization that is transparent, accountable, responsible, independent and fair.

The Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors are committed and assured that implementation of GCG principles is one of the absolute prerequisite. A good implementation of GCG principles will increase customer confidence and provide added value to the Stakeholders.

The Company believes that the consistent implementation of GCG principles and practices will provide benefits for both the Company and the Stakeholders, namely:

  1. Increase the board’s persistency in applying the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency, fairness and discretion in the management of the Company.
  2. Increase the Company’s performance, efficiency, management and service to the Stakeholders.
  3. Increase customer’s interest and confidence.
  4. The Company is protected from external intervention and lawsuit.
  5. To avoid any conflict of interest between the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and Shareholders of the Company.

The Company regularly conducts self assessment on GCG implementation every year.


GCG Report 2017
Business Permit - Conventional
Business Permit - Syariah
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