CT Arsa Cup 2018 - PT PFI Mega Life Take Part in CTC Warrior

11 Aug 2018

PT PFI Mega Life Insurance as one of the participants among a number of subsidiaries under the auspices of CT Corp participated in the CT Arsa Cup 2018. Several competitions were also followed, including competitions in dexterous, art, and entertainment. One of the competition is CTC Warrior. CTC Warrior is one race that tests and requires dexterity and strength. It takes incredible dexterity and strength to be able to complete this one race. Participants who fail to use their best agility and strength will plunge into the pool mixed with mud. Aside from honing the spirit of the game competition, at the same time honing the cohesiveness of team representatives from PT PFI Mega Life Insurance (11/08/2018).

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