CT Corpora and Pramerica Financial Inc., appoint Samdarshi Sumit as President Director of PFI Mega Life

11 Nov 2019

presiden direktur perusahaan asuransi PFI Mega


JAKARTA [August] - CT Corpora and Pramerica Financial Inc., appoint Samdarshi Sumit (Sam) as President Director of PFI Mega Life. Sam, so close calls this Indian man, has had 4 years of professional experience in the insurance world. Previously, Sam held positions as Chief Retail Officer and Managing Director of Generali Life Insurance - Thailand Plc. He has held various senior positions at Techcom Bank and HDFC Bank in Asia, in the areas of operations, product management, sales, and planning. Sam will be responsible for overseeing the development of strategy and management at PFI Mega Life Indonesia.

Jonathan Graybill, Vice President of Prudential Financial Inc. stated, "I am very pleased to welcome Samdarshi Sumit to PFI Mega Life. He is an outstanding leader with a professional track record in building brands, driving company values, and producing customer-first concepts as his priority. I am sure Sam can lead this team to be successful going forward in today's dynamic market growth."

Reflecting on the moment of signing of the CT Corpora strategic partnership with Prudential Financial Inc., July 2018 that the community's need for life insurance continues to increase along with increasing community income, life expectancy, and the level of public financial literacy in Indonesia, the life insurance business has great business opportunities. CT Corpora Chair Chairul Tanjung said, "I am sure PFI Mega Life will be able to answer these needs with more innovative protection solutions as a result of the combination of PFI's product and operational strength and the strength of CT Corp's business network in Indonesia".

Sam revealed, "I am very enthusiastic about being able to join the PFI Mega Life extended family at the opportunities to come. Collaborate with CT Corpora which is a trusted business ecosystem and is supported by a team of experienced and talented people. Collaboration and Synergy, together with PFI Mega Life to become the best Indonesian insurance company.

About PFI Mega Life
Established in 2017, PT PFI Mega Life Insurance is a joint venture with a structure new product that combines Prudential Financial Inc.'s global expertise, with the strength of the market network local CT Corpora. PFI Mega Life provides a complete range of life insurance products to serve a wide range of customers, from large corporations to individuals. Product offerings include insurance products associated with investment and credit shield insurance. Products and services distributed through various channels, including bancassurance, telemarketing, retail and digital.

About CT Corpora
CT Corp is a holding company based in Indonesia, which is growing rapidly and diversified in various industries, such as in financial services, media, retail, hotels, rides play, agribusiness, and others. Some companies are already very well known in the market consumers in Indonesia are Mega Bank, Transmart Carrefour, Trans Studio, Trans Studio Mall, Snow World, Trans Resort Bali, Trans Luxury Hotels, Detik, CNN, CNBN, Trans TV, Trans 7 and others.

About Prudential Financial Inc.
The leader of financial sector services with asset management of more than $ 1.3 trillion USD per 31 March 2017, PFI offers operations in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. PFI take advantage of his expertise that is unmatched in various services such as life insurance, annuities, pension-related services, mutual funds, and investment management to help customers grow and protect their wealth.

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